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i pill tablet price coordinate Last week was supposed to be an easy care-free week! I was going to pick up my car (see below), go to a new store that is like Hobby Lobby, do boot camp, have a birthday party, pretty great, right?  Well, we had to deviate from that a little…

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Meet KiKi
Meet KiKi

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duolin respules price We got our stuff!!!  Our sea shipment was delivered Saturday morning, bright and early.  Thankfully, Chris and I are pretty much on the same page when it comes to unpacking (can’t really say the same thing about packing, I like to procrastinate) and we are actually done!  I have a few things that I need to do in the closets — they aren’t color coordinated and still need to be categorized by season (yes, I am OCD, I realize this and accept it), but we are in!  It is so nice to see our stuff when we walk in the door, cook and eat with our stuff, and sleep in our bed with our own pillows!  Just all in all, such a great feeling to be at “home” again.
Our Sea Shipment has arrived!
Our Sea Shipment has arrived!

pilot This weekend we also celebrated the Fourth of July!  As I mentioned last week, this was my first year not in the United States for the Fourth, and I was a little nervous about the general feel of the holiday.  I have to say, I had nothing to worry about, we had a great weekend celebrating our Independence.  Not only did we have a BBQ, we had it on the beach, and we shot off fireworks.  And since one Fourth of July party is never enough, we went to a rooftop grill-out/BBQ and a party at the Foreigners Compound, complete with band.  It was definitely a fun-filled weekend!

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