The Beijing Bunch

photos pour site de rencontre Last week Chris and I joined a group of our friends here in Korea, and went to China!  I’ve always wanted to go to The Great Wall and am so glad I was able to check it off of my bucket list on this trip.  The trip was filled with lots of laughter and tons of inside jokes.  Plus, there were way too many (even though that isn’t possible) selfie stick photos and jump shots.

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I’m Going on an Adventure! – New Zealand As alluded to in my last post, we went to New Zealand!  My parents have always wanted to go to Australia and finally planned a trip “down under”.  Since they were going to be all the way in Australia, my Dad thought they might as well hop over to New Zealand while they were there and see some of the sights.  Chris and I couldn’t let them have all of the fun in the family so we decided to tag along for the New Zealand part of the trip.  From KL, it “only” took us about 10 hours to fly to Auckland.  On the way back however, we had to fly to KL (10 hours), lay over (4 hours), fly from KL to Seoul (6 hours), take the high speed train back to Ulsan (3.5 hours) and then drive back to our apartment from the train station (1 hour).  All in all, it took us longer to get back than it took my parents in Texas.  Go to Australia/New Zealand people, its not that far. 🙂

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