Take Me Out to the Ballgame – Lotte Giants

A few months back Chris’s company invited the entire project out for a night at the ballpark.  It isn’t very often that spouses and children are invited to events, so we were all excited to go along.

Baseball is a very big deal here in Korea.  It is said to have been introduced in the early 1900’s by American missionaries, and has just grown from there.  The game we went to see was between the Lotte Giants out of Busan and the Hanhwa Eagles out of Daejeo.  Fun fact, the teams don’t go by their city names, it’s by their sponsors.  Another fun fact, you will notice that neither of the teams listed were from Ulsan.  The Lotte Giants play one game a month in Ulsan, who have adopted them as their home team since they don’t have a team of their own.

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