Maddox Madness does Asia

In October we were so lucky to have Chris’s parents come visit us in Korea! Not only did they decide to come all the way to Korea to visit us, they also agreed to take a trip to Hong Kong with us, and they even filled an extra suitcase full of our favorite goodies from home. We are very lucky.

Our trip started out in Seoul. Chris and I took the KTX from Ulsan up to the airport, where we met Chris’s parents outside of baggage claim. From there we took the train into town and caught a cab over to the hotel we stayed at. Funny story, taxi’s in Korea are usually run on LPG, so they have these massive LPG tanks in their trunks. It’s great for me, not so much for people traveling from the airport, with lots of bags. That’s why we actually took two cabs from the train station to the hotel, one with Chris and his parents, and one with me and the bags! Thankfully the hotel wasn’t far away — and thanks to the crazy driving in Korea — we made it in no time. My cab actually left after the other one and it still got there about five minutes faster…I win??

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