Sabaidee – Luang Prabang, Laos The last four days of our mini tour of southeast Asia were spent in Luang Prabang.  The heart of this former French colony city is settled in between the Mekong  and Nam Khan rivers, and has a more traditional feel to it, mixed with some of its foreign European architecture.  All that being said, we didn’t really have a reason to go to Laos, other than it sounded like a cool place to go.  Since we were so close, why not?  We stayed at the lovely Le Sen Boutique Hotel and utilized their free shuttle into the center of town.  While exploring the different restaurants and shops down the main drag, we luckily stumbled upon Tamarind.  On most nights a reservation is required, but after a quick agreement to eat within one and a half hours they let us sit down.  This was an easy agreement for Chris and I, as we are usually in and out of a restaurant within 30-45 minutes, depending on how long it takes the chef to make the food.

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internet On our first real day in Luang Prabang we ventured over to the Pak Ou Caves.  Based on reviews from TripAdvisor we were able to manage our expectations to adequately appreciate what we were doing.  The boat ride was a great way to see the Mekong river, and they even stopped on the way at a little whiskey village boasting their famous snake whiskey.  Yep, snake whiskey.  Sadly, they couldn’t convince us to indulge.  We did however see the biggest weaving “loom.” I would be so daring to say was the largest in the world! 🙂  This lady just took the side of her house and decided to make it into what I will call a “weaving station”.  She was nice enough to let us take a picture, and even smiled when she noticed us staring at it and her.

100 free dating site in uk The caves were less than stellar, but as I mentioned, that was kind of expected so we weren’t too upset by it.  There is quite a bit of hiking/climbing stairs involved with the caves, so I would suggest bringing lots of water.  Like the rest of southeast Asia, it is very hot there. To check another reckless task off of our to do list, we rented a moped on our second day and drove it down to Kuang Si Falls.  The drive was pretty fun; Chris is an excellent driver.  He even instructed me on the “proper” way to lean into turns and never forgot to remind me that whatever movements I made on the bike also affected him.  I think he forgot that I grew up with a dad who drove a motorcycle 😉  We made it safely without any issue to the falls.  I would suggest parking at one of the lots with lots of trees.  It will make it much more comfortable on your backside when you start your trek home.  Before you make to the falls you are given the opportunity to stop by the Tat Kuang Si Bear Rescue Center.  This is well worth the stop. It takes as little a few minutes to pass by, and it was so great to see the bears interacting with one another.  I even bought a water bottle to help support their cause.  For more information you can visit

site de rencontres gitan Once you make it into the falls head all the way up the path for the big “Kodak moment” photo.  There is the option to climb to the top of the falls and supposedly there are some nice photos from up there, but just after starting the trail we were told by some other hikers that the path wasn’t very safe and they turned around.  If you know anything about me, you know I don’t want to exert any unnecessary energy, so we turned around as well.  The falls were beautiful from below, so I don’t think we missed out on anything.  The walk up to the base of the falls is also amazing.  There are little pools and smaller waterfalls all the way up.  There are also several different areas to stop and swim, or jump off the side of the banks into the glacial blue water.  Head there early so that you don’t have to worry about the large groups of tourists that show up later in the day.

rencontre amicale sur internet gratuit On our way back in to drop off the moped, we stopped at the Royal Palace.  They are very strict on foreigners’ (read: westerners) dress code.  They told me that my shorts were too short, which I am sure they were — #tallgirlproblems.  I only took offense when I saw several non-western tourists wearing much less clothing than me get in with no issue.  I refused to rent clothing from them and sat out in the garden while Chris went inside and looked around.  As a side note, they don’t require a ticket to see the garage and all the cool American cars that they still have.  That was what I wanted to see, so I peeked my head in there.  I sure got them!

Le Sen Boutique Hotel
Relaxing by the pool! Our flight left in the afternoon of the next day, so we had about half a day before we needed to head over to the airport.  Since we hadn’t spent much time relaxing, Chris is pretty much a non-stop “go” person, I got to spend the day hanging out by the pool.  This was amazing…until ash started falling from the sky.  In Laos they still burn their trash, their fields, their forest brush…basically anything they want to get rid of, they burn.  This causes ash to occasionally fall from the sky.  Let’s just say it was definitely an interesting way to end the trip.

dating site voor academici While the trip was fun, I was definitely glad to get back to Korea, at least they have proper trash disposal here!

More Bonuses Things we are looking forward to this week:

  • My birthday!  I will be turning 29 — one last year in my twenties!
  • Vacationing in the Philippines!  We head out Wednesday for another adventure!

Here is to next week’s stories of our adventures in Korea  (and the Philippines)!


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